Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Anonymous did Protest and IT ministry says 'Anonymous' is lying


The call for demonstrations by the Indian arm of the group follows a March 29 court order issued in the southern city of Chennai demanding 15 Indian Internet providers block access to file-sharing websites such as PirateBay.
The order has resulted in access being denied to a host of websites that carry pirated films and music among other legal content, including www.isohunt.com and www.pastebin.com.On Wednesday, the Anonymous forum fired an opening shot by attacking the website of state-run telecom provider MTNL, pasting the logo of the group the mask of 17th century revolutionary Guy Fawkes on www.mtnl.net.in.

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN), the country's premier agency dealing with cyber security contingencies, said that its website was neither attacked nor brought down on Saturday. Hackers allegedly belonging to the group called Anonymous had earlier claimed they had attacked CERT-IN website with Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

A spokesperson from ministry of communications & IT told TOI, "The claim that CERT-IN website was attacked and brought down by hackers is without any basis and at complete variance with the facts. The fact is that the website has been running continuously & uninterruptedly  including the whole of today."

"We don't want anything to be censored online because now-a-days the web is an effective tool to express thoughts and share things with others - be it through social networking or emails," said a volunteer from the group. "Without Internet, people cannot be liberated," added another participant.

The minister was said to have shown Internet executives examples of obscene images found online that risked offending Muslims or defamed politicians, including his boss, the head of the ruling Congress party, Sonia Gandhi.

Earlier Anonymous, which protested against what it perceives web censorship in several Indian cities today evening, had claimed that it attacked and took down CERT-IN website. "This is your response team #india! They can't even protect themselves. How will they protect others," read a tweet from @opindia_revenge, the group's Twitter handle.

"We will keep attacking http://cert-in.org.in and http://india.gov.in ! #GOI, ready to face ups and downs?" said the hackers.

Image Credit: Rt.com

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