Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hack Knick-Knacks: Arrests In PayPal Case

  hacked website Sixteen people linked with Anonymous have been arrested over the hacks on various organizations. The tide is starting to turn for the hacking groups that have caused so much fuss over the last few months. And Rupert Murdoch's phone hacking scandal has gone so far, even the Taliban is crying foul. Here’s what you need to know: The FBI arrested 16 people apparently linked with Anonymous across the country on Tuesday, and 14 were charged in connection with December’s attack on PayPal. Anonymous hackers attacked several payment and credit card companies around that time, coming to the defense of Wikileaks after its PayPal account was suspended. Those charged face 10 years in prison or a $250,000 fine. Thought Taliban leader Mullah Omar was dead? Think again. The Taliban is claiming that the United States is responsible for text messages to media outlets saying that Omar was no longer of this world. Apparently the group’s crack team of IT experts is looking into it. First William Shatner, now Anonymous, the Google+ suspensions just keep flowing. Several Anonymous-linked Google accounts were suspended for breaching the site’s community standards. Not ones to sit around and mourn the loss of a social network, the group has announced it will start its own, AnonPlus. But it looks like the AnonPlus might itself have been hacked. The News of the World phone hacking saga continues, with Rupert Murdoch appearing before the British Parliament on Tuesday. A dude who tried to hit Murdoch with a plate full of shaving cream stole the show, however, especially when he was slapped by Murdoch’s furious wife Wendi. The government inquiry into phone hacking will now include broadcast networks. A web activist has been arrested for and charged with taking four million articles from the MIT archive system. Aaron Swartz, who was a fellow at Harvard at the time, faces up to 35 years in prison for hacking into the journal archive JSTOR through the MIT system and downloading 4.8 million documents to distribute on file-sharing websites..

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