Sunday, February 19, 2012

Half a million Windows 8 copies downloaded within 24 hours


Half a million Windows 8 copies downloaded within 24 hours

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made a visit to the official Microsoft Build Conference yesterday and claimed that Windows 8 has reached over 500,000 downloads within a period of just 24 hours since the Windows 8 developer preview build was made public on the 13th of September. However, he mentioned that there is a lot of work to be done by the company. The numbers are not astonishing due to the initial interest but it would need to be seen if the interest sustains for a long time. More importantly, it would need to be seen as to how well the excitement results in apps as that was one of the main reasons behind the release of the developer preview build. It was also interesting as Ballmer mentioned that it is not going to be Intel or ARM but it is going to be Intel and ARM. It was also interesting as he too mentioned the word “re-imagine” as Sinofsky did earlier and mentioned that they are broadly re-imagining Windows to cope with the new opportunities in technology, from cloud-based services to new types of devices. He said, “There is no phone, there is nothing on the tablet, there is no operating system on the planet that will ship 350 million units of anything other than Windows. He also mentioned that this is the right time for developers and there is great opportunity for developers if they join with Microsoft in heading in some new directions.


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