Monday, May 7, 2012

How To Download Youtube Videos Without Using Any Softwares

Youtube is one of the biggest video source that available in the internet. The problem is youtube doesn’t allow us to download their videos directly from their website. There are many free youtube downloaders you can download from the internet. But, now, I will show you how to download the youtube videos without using any software.

The trick is, using free online downloader. There few websites provide this service. One of it is, ‘Download youtube videos‘ and it’s my favorite. It’s very easy to use. The only problem is sometimes a pop up adult pages come out at the first time you open the page.

Step 1. Open youtube website and select a video that you want to download.
Select the web page address of the youtube video and copy it. To copy it’s very easy, just block the address link, press right mouse button and select ‘copy’.

Step 2. Open website ‘Download Youtube Videos’
Open another tab of your browser and type ‘”.

Step 3. Paste the youtube video link
After ‘download youtube videos‘ web page is opened, go to ‘youtube URL:‘ text box, paste the youtube link and then click ‘download‘ button.

Step 4. Download the file
If the process succeed, you will get ‘Download video link‘ followed by video file name. Put your mouse pointer on it, press right mouse button and select ‘Save Link As‘ menu.

If there is no problem with the download process, you will get a filename with ‘flv’ extension. If the process failed, only get ‘.html‘ page only. You can change the file name here. Click ‘Save’ button to start downloading process.

Downloading process.

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