Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why You Use Google Adsense channels to monitor ad performance

One of the most crucial things with Google Adsense (as with any network) is to track your performance. If you're not keeping an eye on things then you can be missing out on hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars.

Google Adsense allows you to put each ad-code you create into different channels - this allows you to monitor the performance of each one individually. This is important for several reasons:

1. See which items are getting clicked
Adsense pays out more on the first ad-unit you have on the page, so if your most clicked unit is not the first - it's probably worth removing any that appear before it (if only for a test). You could see your earnings increase by 3-5 times.

2. See which items are getting clicked but aren't earning you much and can't be improved
If you've read step 1 and you have a unit that's attracting clicks but not actually generating much income, it's maybe time to try another network in it's place. It's possible for you to have two well performing Adsense panels on a page, but the first panel can generate 90% of overall earnings. Therefore replacing it with an alternatively incentivised scheme could work out more rewarding.

3. See which items are entirely unloved
If you've got an ad placement that isn't receiving any clicks then it's best to remove it - you'll probably find your other adverts' performance improves too. Having ads on the page that aren't earning you money is negatively affecting your aesthetics without the monetary payoff. Always try to cut the dead wood.

The trick is to always keep mixing things up, ensuring that your ad placements are converting well without being overly invasive. Use channels within Google Adsense to keep tabs on which items are performing well, using the above tips you just might be able to double or even triple your earnings.

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