Friday, March 16, 2012

3 types of popular online attackers

Mikko Hyppönen is a famous cyber security expert and columnist.He is currently working at F-Secure as Chief Research Officer .Hypponen has delivered several high profile talks on various platforms including TED .In one of his TEDx talks he pointed out three types online attacks and why we should worry about them.

 According to Mike Hypponen,the volume of online crime is increasing day by day ,and in future, majority of crime will be in cyber world rather than real world.Online crime is carried out by computer geniuses not dumb thieves of real world.These attacks are organized and planned by smartest people.Security institutions are far behind in this race.

He pointed out three types of online attacks :

1)Online criminals

The first category is online criminals .These are the guys operating with a very clear objective of making money.They use trojans and keyloggers to steal money from banks ,credit cards and websites.

Their presence is grossly underestimated ,no one can estimate how many of them are operating these days.But one thing is for sure,they make millions out of  internet.Few months ago,US intelligence agencies froze a bank account of such criminal name Sam Jain.The authorities found out that his account in Switzerland had $14.9 m already and money  was added to it time to time.The account is freezed now ,but Mr. Sam Jain himself is on the loose.

2)Hackivists -Hacking Activists

This term sprang on blogging  and IRC networks after the rise of groups like Anonymous and LulzSec .These groups are not motivated by money ,they are driven by an opinion or protest.They usually attack state owned properties and institutions and get their protests visibility in the press.

3)Nation States-Governments

Last category is quite unanticipated .Today Governments are involved in launching attacks against other Governments.Most surprisingly they are also using technology against their own people. Hypponen described how a laser printer can be used to track what content citizens are printing .

Apparently printer is not connected to any sort of network ,and it seems that when you buy one,there is no connection between you and company.But the truth is ,every printer is unique and hence identifiable

Whenever a printer prints a page,it leaves an exclusive pattern of tiny yellow dots which are specific for that printer.These dots are barely visible by naked eye.This pattern can be used by experts to tell  from which printer a paper is printed.Hence a printer can tracked ,so can be the user.

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