Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How To Set A Business Blog

It’s easy to build a blog that will improve customer relationships and generate goodwill for your business. A well-designed business blog keeps your current customers engaged while allowing new clients to get acquainted with your company. Following a few simple tips, you can set up a blog that will be a powerful marketing tool for your business.
Here’s how to set up a business blog that will serve your company well…
Put It In The Right Place
If your company already has a website, make the blog part of your existing website. It should be a menu choice that’s easy for any visitor to find.
If your company doesn’t have a website, choose a domain name for your blog that’s as close to your company name as possible or includes your industry’s primary keywords.
Start With A Simple Design
Most companies power their blogs with WordPress, a blogging platform that many hosting companies will set up for you. Thousands of pre-designed WordPress themes are available, and one of them will likely work for your blog.
Blogs linked to an existing website should echo the colors and design of the site, but stand-alone blogs usually benefit from starting with a simple design. Make changes as your readership grows and you need for more features.
Pack Your Business Blog With Value
Before you tell anyone about the blog, pack it with useful articles so visitors will find good content even on their first visit. Post perhaps a dozen articles before you promote your blog, then keep posting new content at least once a week. Many experts recommend two or three posts each week.
Be sure to include coupons, exclusive offers and other deals along with meaningful content that supports your business goals.
Promote Your Blog At Every Opportunity
If you pay attention to search engine optimization techniques, Google and other search engines will bring traffic to your site, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect other means of promotion.
To get current customers reading your blog, make sure you point out during every customer contact the special offers and unique content available only to blog readers.
To bring new customers to your blog, include a mention of it in all your print and online advertising. Every time a customer sees or hears your company’s name, make sure your blog address is there along with it.
Now that you know more about how to set up a business blog, there’s no reason to delay any longer.
Blogs are powerful promotional and informational tools. Every moment your company is without one, you’re potentially losing money.

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