Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How To Get Approved For Google Adsense In An Hour

Making good amount of money from one’s blog is every blogger’s dream. Everyone wants to earn the max from his blog. While there are many ways of earning from a blog the most preferred method is using Adsense and direct ad sales. While Adsense is the best earning solution and one can earn a good amount from Adsense, many people find it difficult to get approved into Adsense. Many lose hope just after one attempt!
In order to maintain quality in Adsense, Google guys have to reject some applications some times. That’s natural according to me! A highly respected company can’t just approve applications blindly as they also need to take care of their advertisers. Though the Adsense team only rejects the applications which are fake, duplicate or on which displaying Adsense ads will cause harm, sometimes even genuine and non-duplicate applications get rejected. I know how bad it feels to get rejected! Read myAdsense story and why I was approved in Adsense after a long time after many tries! Let’s without wasting another second get into the topic.

How To Get Approved For Adsense Fast?

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1.) Use Real Names and NOT Nicknames
While this mistake is rarely done, there are a few people who unknowingly use their nicknames while registering. While there is nothing in a name, I feel using a nickname may get your account rejected. I always suggest using your real names.
2.) Apply Only Once
If you have two blogs both not having Adsense, do not apply for two Adsense accounts for both blogs. If you’ve submitted an application and have not received the approval or rejection e-mail, please do not apply for another account. I’m sure the e-mail will come. Though it will take time, it will come. Normally it takes about 2 days, but it may take more time if there are some holidays. Apply only once!
3.) Make Your Blog Has Good Content Both In Quantity & Quality
Adsense team only approves the sites which have good content both in terms of quality and quantity. They both should be in equal level. Concentrate on both the issues. I suggest focusing on “Quality” first because I feel people see the quality of the article and not the number of articles in your blog. So focus on quality (60 percent) + quantity (40 percent).
4.) Good Traffic
A blog with no or very less traffic is not at all suitable for Adsense. How can a blog with no visitors make money with Adsense? I mean if Adsense team will approve each and every account (Even sites with very less or no traffic at all) I think it will be useless. It will only increase the database size! :P
Make sure you have good traffic before you apply for Adsense.
5.) Make Your Site Look Professional
A site with unprofessional and messy look won’t get approved in Adsense. Along with the content the site style and look also matters.
A few tips for improving your site look and making it look professional:
1.) Use light colors.
2.) Keep design simple.
3.) Add links to all your important pages.
4.) Ensure easy navigation.
Hope the article helped you! If you follow the tips mentioned above I can ensure you that your account will be approved. Just follow all the tips and then apply. If everything goes right, your application will be approved quickly! If you have any queries big or small, please contact me using the contact form or just comment in this post. I will get back to you soon! And please don’t forget to share your views on this post!

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