Friday, March 23, 2012

Triple Your AdSense Earnings Or More!

Well, I have done this to some of my micro niche sites before, they seemed to make some profits and so I decided to do it to my forum, it works like magic. I know this method may be obvious, but some people don’t do it as I see sites all over the internet not doing this so maybe it really isn’t all that obvious. It is really simple, I use photoshop for this. So just open your site, copy your site with the ad showing (prt sc/print screen) and then paste in photoshop. Take the eye dropper and get the color around the ad. Click on the primary color palette and it should give you the color hex code (#xxxxxx) its 6 digits. Name just go and edit your Adsense Ad in the CP under Manage Ads and make the background and the border that color. This will blend in the ad making people think they are clicking to another part of your site.

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