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Google Adsense Tricks for Webmasters

Google Adsense Tricks for Webmasters

Since its creation, Google Adsense has presented a new and easy opportunity for many webmasters to earn money from their sites. There are many webmasters who make a living from Adsense alone, but there are also many who spend a lot of time trying to figure out the magic Google Adsense trick to earn more from their ads. Finding these Google Adsense tricks might seem difficult but it is definitely not impossible.

Just placing Adsense code on your site is not enough if you are looking at Adsense as your only source of income. One of the most important Google Adsense tricks is to experiment with a lot of different ad formats, placement and choice of keywords.
Whatever topic your site deals with, you should take care to build pages around this specific topic and include your keywords in the content as many times as possible without it becoming redundant. This is perhaps the best Google Adsense trick to ensure that the ads placed on your page, are relevant and useful to the visitors wanting to know more on the topic, and these visitors will eventually end up clicking the Adsense ad.

You should also take care when placing your Adsense ads. If you read through Google help on Adsense, you will find many tested Google Adsense tricks one of which is the heat maps suggesting the best locations for your adverts. It is a proven fact that, one place the visitors look first on the site is the top left position. Since this is the place that will have the visitor’s attention, it definitely helps to place your Adsense ads there.

Another great Google Adsense trick is to place the ads on high traffic pages. You will be able to identify the most visited pages on your site by looking at the logs or even your Google Analytics account, which provides you page by page details of visitors.

You should also use the Adsense formats to make sure your Adsense ads blend with your web pages. Google provides you different palettes to try font colors, backgrounds and borders. There is no point in placing an ad on the page which does not blend with your site and will effectively not be clicked by any visitor.
Another important Google Adsense trick that is often ignored by most webmasters is the Adsense preview tool. Google provides an excellent tool to help you preview the ads that appear on your page. This tool allows you to see the sample ads and formats, preview colors on your page, check the destination of the ads and even see how people in other countries will see your ads.

Besides using the above Google Adsense tricks, it is also important to have a definite focus on what you want to achieve. No matter how busy you are, you should always spare some time to experiment with the Adsense ads to improve the CTR. Whatever experts say, just following the basics, is really the magic of making more from Adsense.

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