Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gmail Goes https For Secure : Wi-Fi Protection

Google Just announced they are now moving to the Stable connection of https rather then the traditional connection of http. Gmail previously have also announced that they are making the Mails on https security but now Google is changing the whole connection to https.
Gmail Goes https For Secure : Wi-Fi Protection

The Reason are straight the Google is pretty much haded with the Chinese issues going onn. So its just the China which made this possible and special thanks to the hackers, as many of the people are now using SLL on their Gmail.

A group of 37 security and privacy specialists sent Google a letter (PDF) last June, urging the company to offer this feature. Gmail became the third-largest email provider last August, with more than 37 million unique visitors...
You can also change the Default use of https on your Gmail account by going into settings and checking Not always use https. The new turn in this story of Gay is that, Google is making this because of the Wi-Fi owners as many people are now using wifi and making a secure connection will be good.

This is pretty obvious that Google is haded with its security and is on a way to change the way it is done. Lets see if this https stops us from Hacking.

What you say ?

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