Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How To Get Facebook Credits For Free Without Hacking

I’m going to introduce a site for you to get free Facebook Credits. Before teaching you how to get free Facebook Credits in this way, I want to first tell you that you could only register ONCE in this site. Do NOT ever want to cheat in this site, or you’ll get banned! I suggest you to read the terms of the site carefully in order to familiar with the site. In addition, this way to get free Facebook Credits is only applicable for those in the US, UK and Canada. So, let’s start now:

1. Access The Site Here. You should see a SIGN UP box near the top/middle of the page. Enter your email address (*remember to use a VALID email) and click sign up. Fill in all other information to complete the process.

2. Confirm Your Email Address. Go to your email inbox which you’ve provided in the sign up process. You should see an email sent from the site (if not, just wait a while). Click the confirmation link in the email. After that, you should see 250 points bonus in your account! (if you do not confirm your email, you won’t receive the points!)

3. Go To The Site Section: Earn Points → Free Offers. (the navigation bar is at the top of the site) After clicking free offers, a list of offers will be shown up and each offer would have several details including: the amount of points you will earned after completion, approved times, approval rate, approval time and offer description.

You can choose all the offers which you’re interested in to complete, but I suggest you to choose offers which has the HIGHEST AMOUNT OF POINTS with HIGH or VERY HIGH approval rate and FAST approval time to complete first (just like the one I display here). You may need to take some time to complete these offers but it shouldn’t take long. After completing the offer, you should receive your points very quickly. You can continue to complete the next offer and earn more points!

4. Redeem Free Facebook Credits or Other Prizes. Go to the site section: Spend Points → Redeem Your Points. After you’ve earned enough points for free Facebook Credits or other prizes, simply go to the redeem section to redeem your prize. For Facebook Credits, it’s under the category ‘Gift Cards’. There are 3 different amounts of Facebook Credits you can redeem – $15, $25 or $50. After you’ve claimed your redemption, the free Facebook Credits should be emailed to you within minutes!

5. Visit the site frequently to earn more free rewards. Take some time to look around the site thoroughly. You’ll find there’re many rewards you could earn and there’re many simple and interesting tasks for you to complete! You could also chat and make friends with the members (or ask questions if needed) by typing in the shoutbox in the right hand side of the site or going to the Forum of the site.

Here’s the way I recommend. If you still have any doubt or do not believe that you can get Facebook Credits free in this site, simply check out my Proof Section. Remember to ask questions whenever you needed. So, enjoy earning free things in this site and get free Facebook Credits!

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