Saturday, March 3, 2012

How To Protect From Getting Hacked

User often finds himself/herself in a dilemma hoe to escape the hacking problem. The concern is online banking or any other online transaction that needs high securities. The below mentioned tips are helpful for those who are just a beginner or intermediate user in online computing.


1. Don’t assume only for risk based scenarios or what type of attack will manifest your security. A person should prepare for highest risk acceptance. Many people makes their decisions assuming for particular scenario, however this is wrong practice for not to get hacked. Rather, think about how regular and normal people can access your data easily, because a hacker goes with this path only.

2. Try to keep your password more complicated. This thing will not only keep you away from bruit force attack but also it takes much time for others to recognize your password. These days password hacking is most common problem among internet users. To avoid such things, an internet user, must adopt with strong hashed password.

3. Keep a practice of using browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome etc instead of using Internet Explore. This is one of the best ways to stay away from hacking. There are lot many cases about internet explorer that it is vulnerable to virus, spy ware and ad ware attacks. Make sure you use internet explorer in case of legit websites only.

4. No matter what browser the user uses, but browsers are hostile for hacking. So, keep adding more security to your web browsers. Always try to use add-ons, because add-ons helps in identifying fishing websites, prevent passwords of getting into wrong hands and prevent your computer getting hacked.

5. Don’t ever click on links provided in emails. Chunk emails from phishing websites are used for hacking. Phishing emails are difficult to trace, if you are unsure of email or website, try to type address manually into the address bar of a browser.

6. Always use a single credit card for online purchases. Using single credit card for online transactions is easy to remember your previous transactions and easier to monitor changes in strange way.

7. Shoulder attack, make sure there is no one behind you attempting to peak your password. Also do not make any sticky notes about your password. Your password is most vulnerable for hacking.

8. Do not use your computer overnight, because this is the only time when most of hackers are active.

9. After downloading any software or program from website, make sure you scan downloaded software 3 times by your antivirus software. You cannot predict a virus by its name and type.

10. Keep changing your password regularly and also does not share login information with anybody.
Above are some tips and things to be remember while surfing through internet and using important and confidential data over internet. These are some small things but make much difference when users avoid or don’t take it seriously. Try to be secure in each and every aspect because a small hole can ruin everything.

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