Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How To Change The Battery In IPOD

I love iPod. It's the best thing in portable music since the Walkman. Remember those horrible portable CD players? Those were the worst, skipping all the time. It's nice that music has gone digital. It saves us from having to deal with stacks of Cds, tapes and records.
The downside of the iPod is that they are built to expire. iPods run io lithium ion batteries. Every time you charge your iPod's battery, you shorten its lifespan. After about 1000 or so charges, your iPod will die and you will have to buy a new one. That's not very green at all. It's so ungreen, it's red.
The good news is that you aren't powerless. You can get that old lithium ion battery out of your old iPod and put in a new battery at a fraction of a new iPod's cost.
Wonderhowto has a funny video about how this is done. But I'll explain in this article, because I like attention.

How to Replace iPod Battery

1. They have special iPod battery repair kits. These kits come with a new battery and usually a couple of screwdrivers designed for removing the end caps. I recommend buying one of these, especially if there is more than one iPod in your household. (Later on, just buy single batteries as needed.)

2. Use a hairdryer to soften up those plastic end caps.

3. Carefully pry up the end caps. The end caps have tiny hooks that fasten them to the frame. Be careful not to break them.

4. There will be a bracket at the bottom of the iPod. It is held there with screws. Remove those screws and the bracket.

5. Slide the innards out.

6. Remove the battery from its slot. Remove the connectors from the battery.

7. Replace battery. Put innards back inside. Install bracket with screws.

8. Put the end caps back on. You may need to use a small amount of glue or double-sided carpet tape to get them to firmly fasten.

9. Recycle old battery.

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