Sunday, March 11, 2012

Techcrunch Hacked !!!!

TechCrunch : The biggest network of tech news showdown and one of the most visited websites in the world have been hacked just 11 minutes later we got this news. I am investigating about it, as soon we will get the news we will update this post.

Update 1 : The Blog is back after 15 minutes of hacked state.
Update 2 : We got some more screens and at 25 minutes after the hack the blog got again hacked with a new words from the hacker..
Update 3 : Official Message come from the TechCrunch Team ":
“Earlier tonight was compromised by a security exploit.
We're working to identify the exploit and will bring the site back online shortly.”
The Hack is some kind of a link which have a anchor text of “Rapidshare Download”, as it is the most obvious reason people will click on it.

But in the meantime the geniuses behind the techcrunch team have seen this and is working on this matter showing a notice on their blog “We'll be back shortly.”



Here are some of the screens when the techcrunch was hacked and the later one’s also.

 Time when hacked

11 Minutes later

New Hacked notice

The Hackers Link
Well we don't know till yet how the website was defaced and where the link took the visitors too as soon as the team behind the techcrunch reveals it.

Its a big news as its the first time a big blog like techcrunch have been hacked. The link which the hacker is tooking to is a some kind of a torrent sharing portal which would be his only.

What do you think ?

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